DATE: 06/28/2018

WHERE: Stoneclad

THE PAX: Hasbro, Harp, Chitwood, Cricket, Babyface, Law Dog

Total # of PAX: 6

QIC: Law Dog


YHC arrived on time to see 4 Pax ready to get stronger. Headlights were seen pulling into the park at 5:30, so a short lap around the cars to pick up Hasbro as he came flying in on 2 wheels, haha, he drives a Prius, no way he was hitting two wheels.


SSH, Weed-pickers, windmills, sun gods


Mosey to Harps truck to pick up the kettlebells. We left them in the parking lot for later. Mosey to the playground (notice the little p, not to be confused with the big P) for a morning call. Pax stay in plank position while one runs to the monkey bars for 5 pullups calling the count as he goes while the rest of the pax does five merkins. Continue until all pax has done the pull ups. Rinse and repeat with squats instead of merkins.

Mosey back to the Kettlebells hoping the lightning stays away as their were dull flashes of in the distance. YHC decided it would be could to stay close the cars just in case.  Partner up for a kettlebell leg wreck.  One partner would perform an exercise with the kettlebell while the other partner journeyed in various fashion to the other parking space line and back. Kettlebell work included swings, sumo squats, elf on the self, shoulder press, and shoulder raises. The journey down and back included Lt. Dan with 1 squat to 4 lunges, bear crawl, side lunges, bear crawl, back lunges, and Lt. Dan.

Back to the flag with just enough time for about 1 min of American Hammers.


  • Praise for Do-Si-Do’s good report on the back and continued prayers for complete healing.
  • Pray for the launch of the F3Cherokee Region next week and that we make a positive impact on the community.
  • Praise and Prayers for the work Homeboy is doing with the Lighthouse trip. Serving others and living Third is what it is all about.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Apparently Cricket wanted the Kodiak to be tough yesterday and throw in some Lt. Dan’s. He is a machine and was killing it yet again, until the Elf on the Self. The Elf on the Self finally made Cricket go down. He had to grab a smaller kettlebell. Victory for the beatdown and YHC will completely ignore the fact that this was the day after Cricket Q’d a brutal beatdown.
  • YHC found the morning call and leg wreck on the Exicon. Its been a long time since I looked through that database and always enjoy finding new gems.
  • Harps bell collection is really outstanding. If you have not checked out his bells you should come and see.
  • The rain started poring right after we finished up the ball of man, so no coffeeteria. Not wanting it to go to waste, YHC drank more caffeine today than should have. Luckily it was a long day in Court.
  • 0. That is how many man showed up from the Hickory Flat community.  6 That is how many men headed back north. I hope everyone was at The Paragon.

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