DATE: 07/23/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Wild Thang, O’Doyle (rules), Matchstick, Roscoe, Fuzzy, Moonshine, Mandals- FNG, Sawdust, Nomad, Mouth to Mouth, Spaceballs, MarkyMark ,Fauxhawk, Fleetwood, Wiggum, Beater, Harp, Barney, Tiny Tat, Ricky Bobby, Hooch, Manning, Hightops

Total # of PAX: 23

QIC: High Tops and Wild Thang




Mosey to the top of the amphitheater for some:

1 FNG so I stumbled through the disclaimer- on to the exercises

Side Straddle Hops x15

Weed Pickers (slow count) x10

Sun Gods OYO- Get here when you can O’Doyle

Mountain Climbers x10

Mosey to the stage


Wild Thang led us off in style introducing us to the self developed “CYCLE”. It consisted of:

Single- Do 10 burpees, then a big lap around the amphitheater

Double- Do 10 burpees, 20 Squats, then 2 laps around the amphitheater

Triple- 10 Burpees, 20 Squats, 30 Plank Jacks, 3 laps around the amphitheater

HR- 10 Burpees, 20 Squats, 30 Plank Jacks, 40 Side Straddle Hops, 4 laps around the amphitheater.

After an impeccable job of instructing by Wild Thang, followed by repeating the same thing for those who were confused, not listening, or both, we started.

Only a double in, we decided to modify, in true VQ form. From that point forward, the lap was completed by going on the middle stair cases, basically cutting the run in half. and based on the mumblechatter, seemed to be shorter distance wise, but tougher physically.

The Cycle, much like in baseball, was harder than it looked and we called for a recover at 6AM. (Not sure if anyone finished the cycle.)


We then partnered up on the stage for a round of Lazy Dora 1-2-3.

Partner 1 did merkins (thanks spaceballs) while partner 2 held plank. Switch every 10 to 100. Recover.

Partner 1 did LBC’s while partner 2 held 6 inches. Switch every 20 to 100. Recover.

Partner 1 did Squats while partner 2 held air chair (or something like that). Switch every 30 to 300. Another VQ modify based on time. I think we made it to 150.

Circle at the flag for Mary- Dying Cockroach (led by Spaceballs), Big Boy Sit Ups (called out but definitely not led by Sawdust)



Moonshine was our #6 today. He is an F3 Alpha regular. He got his name because he’s from the mountains of North Carolina. He also shared with us a little bit about his story. Glad to have him on our side of town!

Welcome FNG Mandals- likes the outdoors, wears chacos a lot (sandals), he is a man. Man + Sandals = Mandals. Ricky Bobby may be physically struggling after the burpees but the mind is always sharp!

YHC offered some words of encouragement for those to make the transition from being just involved to committed. There is a huge difference!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a double VQ as YHC (hightops) and Wild Thang too a big gulp of the F3 coolaid, that of which some couldn’t drink due to their H20 only diet.

Homeboy encouraged me to step up and Q by saying a few weeks ago, “dude, you like do this for a living”. Which is only partially true, but thanks for the encouragement, I think…

O’doyle stepped up and took the crown for the sweatiest person since Garf was out, based on the puddle under him after the LBC’s. (the puddle may or may not have been from last nights rain…)

Mumblechatter during the lack of coffeteria seemed to think that this beatdown was a solid one, not sure if we’ll be welcomed back Wild Thang…

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