DATE: 07/25/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Mandles, Nomad, Beater, Honky-Tonk, Hooch, Westside, Mouth-To-Mouth, Fleetwood, Wyld Thing, Conquistador, Manning, FNG Singlet, Tiny Tat, Barney, Garfield, Spaceballs, O’Doyle, Wham-O

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Wham-O


Name the best top ten current hip-hop artists:

10) You

9) Can’t

8) Rank

7) Them

6) Because

5) They

4) Are

3) All So

2) Eclectic

1) Childish Gambino

YHC was super excited to Q at The Clinic today for the first time, and decided to bust out the Childish Gambino themed Beatdown that has been roiling in his head for a while now. If you don’t know who Childish Gambino is…now you do.



Mosey around the sidewalk

23 SSH (for Donald Glover’s 23 awards he has already won, including a grammy and emmy’s, and hopefully an Oscar for his stellar portrayal of Lando Calrusian)

10 Weed Pickers

Sun Gods

10 Dancing Bears


We started with the worst exercises. Gambino has an album called “Because the Internet” and on that album is a track called The Worst Guys. Because the “Internet” is both the best and worst thing, we did the worst things that are the best at building us up.

5 Yule Brenners (The Magnificent Seven Merkin: Wide, Regular, Ranger, Diamond, Crucible, Hand-Release, Chuck Norris, in sequence)

5 Around the World Lunges

5 One-legged burpees, each leg.

Then YHC called an audible and decided to go with the next workout instead of doing two more rounds. We moseyed to the bottom of the amphitheater. Gambino has an album called “Camp,” and what do you do when you go camping? You climb mountains. On that album is a track called Bonfire, and our legs would B-on-Fire after this. We did 11s, with Double Squat jumps at the bottom, Starjumps at the top (Gambino has a track called Worldstar). Sapceballs had the good sense to ask if we were running up the stairs. No, Spaceballs, we are going the hard way. Up the Amphitheater box jumping the walls if you can, but definitely not using hands to boost.

After collecting the six, we met in the middle of the amphitheater for the last exercise, Raccoon Minchkin/Bear Crawl Indian runs. Gambino just released a track with a line “This is America, Don’t catch you slippin up.” PAX divided into 4 teams, and the suckfest began. No idea how many we did, our group made it down three walls.

Mosey back to the flag (there had to be some gentle reminder to mosey and not walk, legs still Bonfire). 1 Minute of crunchy frogs with pauses at 10 to hold boat pose.


Prayers were mentioned for Kiff and Chapstick. Announcements for 2nd F at the Salt Factory, Region Shirt Presale, and Ruck Club particularly August 10th for Chapstick.

Hooch was our sixth man today. Dude’s got hustle. Worked in youth ministry, wants to get back into it, but right now focusing on taking care of four kids, 2 biological, 2 adopted after fostering. Good man right there stepping into the gap. Named after the dog and not Tom Hanks.

Welcome to Singlet! 18yo going to Chatt Tech, wrestled in High School (also ran cross country). EHd by Spanx who was a no show…but strong work by Singlet this morning!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We got to enjoy the various styles of Childish Gambino all morning, and pretty sure no one else had listened to him before. We also found a lot of loose stones in the theater, someone should probably look at that. Also heard the obligatory, “I hate you Wham-O.” Makes a man feel good.

Also got to come up with a Clinic name for a Splash Merlot as Honky Tonk took on one too many Raccoon Minchkin. Driving the Trash Can!

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