DATE: 07/28/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Legionnaire (respect), Matchstick, Cricket, Misty, Smurfette, Manning, Dory, Bloodhound (respect), Banjo, Quagmire, Homeboy, Titlemax, Harp, C4, Garfield, The Mole, Slim Shady (FNG – welcome), Tic Tac (FNG – welcome)

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: The Mole


With the Asheville Spartan Super on the NEAR horizon, YHC wanted to use one of their obstacles as a theme today.  So we had Buckets o’ Fun…. with one of our FNG’s spashing merlot the title got changed.


Short mosey
SSH IC (x20)
Weed Pickers IC (x10)
Imperial Walkers IC (x15)
Sun Gods


When YHC said “back to Bloodhound’s truck”, there was a rumble throughout the PAX.  Little did they know, more awaited them at YHC’s vehicle as well.  With 6 sand babies gathered from Bloodhound’s truck the PAX moseyed to YHC for some empty buckets and some already weighted buckets (50+ lbs).  The sand babies went into the empty buckets and the PAX partnered up and headed to the turf football field.

At the field the PAX started the fun with DORA 1-2-3
Partner 1 performed exercises while Partner 2 carried bucket across football field and back (approx. 100 yards)
100 Burpees
200 LBCs
300 Squats
Plank/Mary for the 6.

Next the PAX did some Catch Me If You Can – Bucket Edition
Partner 1 carried bucket around perimeter of football field while Partner 2 dropped to do a set of ATMs.
Alternating Shoulder Taps (x10)
Tempo Merkins (x10)
Merkins (x10)
Partner 2 then runs to catch up to Partner 1 and switch.
Each partner got three turns to carry the bucket then Plank/Mary for the 6.

For our next bit of fun we left the buckets on the sideline for a ride in a beautiful Red Barchetta
sprint 100 yards – 100 SSH – sprint back
sprint 75 yards – 75 mountain climbers – sprint back
sprint 50 yards – 50 squats – sprint back (It was during this set that FNG Tic-Tac splashed… a few times…. SUCCESS!)
sprint 25 yards – 25 merkins – sprint back (FNG back into the mix and did some merkins…. GREAT WORK!)

Circle up for some Mary:
YHC called on our favorite Bloodhound to lead us in some Flutter Kicks
25 or so (can’t remember)…. at which point Bloodhound ruthlessly called “SIX INCHES!!…. MAKE CIRCLES….. SIX INCHES!!…. IN CADENCE….” and then the PAX did another 15 or so (can’t remember)
YHC called on Smurfette who called out Box Cutters IC (x15)  more in that below in Naked-Man Moleskin….

Return buckets and sand babies and back to flag…. at exactly 0800.


Power of Unity event at Woodstock Amphitheatre tomorrow!  Sign up to help out and spread F3 around Cherokee County.

Bloodhound keeping the Calendar on F3Cherokee site up to date with 2nd F opportunities.  Don’t leave him hanging by himself (like The Mole).  Sign up and get out for some 2nd F events and build that camaraderie among the PAX

Asheville Spartan coming up next Saturday.  Prayers for those challenging themselves in that race and for safe travels.

Smurfette helping to get things organized for 3rd F event next Saturday.  Talk to him or Spaceballs for more information.  As the 3rd F Q, Smurfette also encouraged any PAX that sees a need to step up and take the reins where necessary.  Don’t wait for someone to ask you, if you see a need and can do something about it, then step up.  Be the hero.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

FNG  Tic-Tac started to splash merlot during Catch Me If You Can.  It didn’t seem like much came out, but when the PAX was doing 100 SSHs a few minutes later, the end zone smelled of splashed merlot.  During Red Barchetta he was able to produce a little more christening both end zones.

FNG  Slim Shady shared that he works in retail.  One of his early jobs was in a store in Detroit not far from 8-mile.  He was actually thrown through a window on his first day.  Geez!  Enjoyed having you Slim Shady.  Welcome!  Looking forward to having you out on Saturdays at THL.

While doing a circle of Mary, the Q called on Smurfette for our second exercise.  Not listening to the Q or just old and deaf, Manning started to jump in with something of his own.  However, Smurfette was having none of Manning’s shenanigans and pushed forward for some quality Box Cutters.  Next time Manning.

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