DATE: 07/12/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Nomad, Titlemax, Satellite, Drone (FNG), Westside, Sawdust, Spaceballs, Glowplug, Cricket, Garfield, Axel (FNG), Manning, Tebow, Fleetwood, Dory, Yogi, Banana Boat (FNG), Kiffin, Hershey (FNG), Marcy Marc, Preacher, Fuzzy, Cuban, Spanx

Total # of PAX: 24

QIC: Cuban (VQ) & Spanx


We thought it was about time we bridge the generational gap in the Cherokee region (even though we have gotten quite a few younger folks added to the pax). Cuban (CO-VQ) thought it would be a very beneficial idea to tie todays workout into the hope we have and the people who are in our corner on a daily basis.




Weed pickers

Sun Gods




Back to life’s basics. First the Lord, second our M’s (or your mom for those of us who don’t have an M…Spanx), third our 2.0’s, and fourth for our bros.

We aren’t doing this for ourselves, we are doing this for the people around us and mentioned above.

This is to remind us we are doing this for others and to remind us to keep pushing ourselves to be better men in our lives and communities.

Partner up with someone who isn’t in the same age range, whatever that looks like.

10 merkins for Messiah


10 merkins for M or Mom


10 burpees for 2.0’s (or Dogs)


BLIMPS (10 each) for Bros

Wait for six

(Repeat 2 times)

Finish at the front of the school

(In front of the school) around the lot

15 merkins to Lunges to sprint half of the lot

15 merkins Bear crawl to sprint second half of the lot


Cuban reminded us to always stay focused on what matters and to be thankful for what the Lord has done for each and everyone one of us.

Power of Unity event begins the 29th of this month.

Preacher informed us about event on August 3rd at Aidens Epscopal church where Lela Springs will be performing from 6-10 pm who I believe formally performed on American Idol if I’m not mistaken, so thats pretty cool.


Cuban, excellent Job leading us and making sure everyone was accounted for and not left behind! very awesome Job!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

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