DATE: 08/08/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Matchstick, Headhunter, Festiva, Cheese Wiz, AC, Stopwatch, Harding, Fauxhawk, Enos (FNG), Wiggum, Buford T, Hightops, SpaceBalls, Alcoa, O’Doyle, Honkey Tonk

Total # of PAX: 17

QIC: Fleetwood

Last week Brian Urlacher was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. As a lifelong Bears fan it was a proud moment (we have more middle linebackers in the Hall than many teams have total players in the Hall) and YHC wanted to honor the occasion. Hence the Bears theme. There were 17 PAX, YHC previously and erroneously reported 18 (must have been speaking evangelically).

20x SSH IC 15x weed pickers IC 15x imperial walkers IC 20x mountain climbers OYO 10x Mike Tysons IC 5x Bro-kins (demo w/SpaceBalls while PAX did 5 merkins) 5x Snydro burpees (plank position, with hands planted, both feet jump towards hands and back to plank position, needed an “S” exercise hence the Snydro burpee) Mosey around gazebo and back to stage


Partner up. Run around gazebo and back to the grassy area in front of the stage. BEARS – 5 groupings of exercises with a run around the gazebo between each. Exercises are OYO but stay with partner. B · 15x burpees · Bear Crawl sidewalk to sidewalk w/partner & Big Lunge Back · 15x Box cutters · 15x Bro-kins Run around gazebo. E (Escalator) · 10x Jump Squats · 20x Hillbillies · 30x Merkins · 40x LBC · 50x SSH Run around gazebo. A · Alphabet · Air Chair – while explaining your first beatdown experience to your partner, both in air chair until both are done · 20x American Hammers · 20x Alternating Shoulder Taps Run around gazebo. R · Raccoon Crawl, Stage to Sidewalk & Back · 20x Reverse Crunches · 20x Ranger Merkins Run around gazebo S · 2x Run Up & Down Steps · 20x Staggered Merkin (alternate @ 10) · 20x Squats · 20x Snydro burpee A portion of the PAX completed the full circuit and the rest were close before time ran out and we moseyed back to the flag


6th man was AC, who has been coming to F3 for 6 weeks. Three kids, all boys, 10, 8, 4. AC’s a local who accepted Christ at an early age but strayed in the Marines Corp and then “got squared away” with God on the other side. SpaceBalls correctly pointed out a missed F3 naming opportunity when the PAX learned he was in the NSA. AC attends WCC. Jonathan (FNG brought by Wiggum) is a policy officer (detective) for the city of Woodstock and was easily named Enos. SpaceBalls shared the struggle his family is experiencing with a father-in-law with Alzheimer’s. Several PAX, including YHC, are going through similar challenges. This impacts the whole family and all agreed it is helpful to share the burden with other men. Cheese Wiz asked for prayer as he helps his daughter deal with some comments he made to her which, while well-intentioned, were hurtful.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Announcements: Iron PAX Challenge (see email from Babyface) and 11 Labors, a fundraiser this Saturday starting at 5am to support a local girl with cancer.

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