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Thumb through the pictures above to get a small glimpse into the experience.


*Warning* The below post will be lengthy as the YHC is VERY passionate about giving and this drive really touched home for him.  I am going to try to keep this write up in true fashion.


Just over two weeks ago our Regions Weasel Shaker put out a post in what sometimes can be way too many Water Coolers.  The question/suggestion was that we should do some kind of drive or donation to give to students for back to school.  It just so happens that YHC’s local church (Woodstock City Church) was doing a back to school drive where all of the supplies were being donated to schools within our community that have at-risk students.  This would supply the students with their needs to succeed that otherwise they would not be able to provide for themselves.  I quickly hopped all over this and volunteered and idea.  In true F3 fashion.  That means you own it.  So that is what I did.

I did not realize what I was getting myself into with this drive. But I could not have asked for anything better!


YHC quickly came up with a quick flyer, utilizing the local church’s specific needs and distributed it to the PAX.  Then formed a quick Paypal Pool so that the PAX could easily donate, share, and collect money for the drive.  The men in our community are awesome.  They started donating right away.  After a few days including a weekend the PAX had collectively donated around $650 dollars. The regions Nantan then hit the PAX with a strong write up on the third F and challenge that left us all feeling the need to do more.  Or maybe that was just the fact that the Nantan set the challenge to the groups that if we could collect and donate $1000 dollars to the cause, he himself, would do burpees for 30 mins straight following the Saturday workout at the Hurt Locker. (Third F Write Up) The donations then started rolling in.  Nantan knew he had gotten himself into trouble as the PAX started sharing on their social media sites, tagging different F3 regions on posts, tagging the church, and sharing with M’s to share on their media pages as well.  The drive really took of here.  Nantan received a few volunteers to perform burpees with him at this point.  But now a new bar was set…..$1500.  That goal was so quickly met that we could not even up the challenge. We quickly started planning the $2000 mark goal as we had it in our sites.  Yet again, the Weasel Shaker opens up with if we hit $2000 he was going to do burpees for the full hour of the work out on Saturday while the rest of the PAX performed the in the workout.  YHC felt as since this was a drive he was leading….he had to join.  Quickly 2 more joined in, including the Nantan himself. Well the $2000 goal was met the Friday evening of the drive closing, but the money kept coming in.  Including a $200 donation from a local retailer just for supporting the drive and shopping with them. My M and 2.0’s were so excited to help me with this along the way.  My 2’s would ask me for updates every day when I would get home from work.  They would celebrate in the increases and would be sad when it was slow to increase. The joined in on the shopping fun, and man did they have a blast.  Find me sometime for even more of those details.   I have attached pictures of the experience and the results.  I got up early Sunday AM to pack the truck.  The bed was FULL. Yeah the old ‘Taco’ is a small truck, but a truck none the less.  I had items shoved in there trying to make sure everything would fit…and it didn’t.  I had to put some remaining book bags in the front seat of the truck.  The church was extremely generous and excited for our donation.  They requested I not drop off in the main area because it would leave no room for others to drop off.  They gave us our very own gaylord.

Enough about all this stuff lets, get to the good stuff.  What I know all of you came here for.


Time Frame: 10 days
Total Contributions: 49
Average Contribution: $48.97
Total Donated:  $2400.00 !!!!!
Total Burpees:  ~1700 (Cricket, BabyFace, Law Dog, and Ricky Bobby – Cricket definitely did the most…no question!)
Supplies:  Very hard to track quantities purchased on all things.  Here is what I did track.

  • 96 Backpacks
  • 250 Wide Ruled Single Subject Spiral Notebooks
  • 3,000 Sheets of paper
  • 200 Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks
  • 100 Zipper Pouches
  • 192 24ct Crayons
  • 192 12ct Colored Pencils
  • 192 24ct #2 Pencils
  • Plus a TON more!!!


This is where things get personal.  This experience was overwhelming.  You see, YHC grew up in a very low income home.  My mother was a mother of 4 boys and worked at times 3 jobs to support us by herself for good periods of time.  There we many seasons of life where we did not have the supplies, tools, or clothing that most did.  I was very excited to now provide for others and hopefully bless families in ways that I myself was not.  As the donation amount continued to rise and the support continued to get stronger, it began hitting closer to home.  Spending the time explaining to my two oldest boys (5 & 7) about this and seeing their excitement grow as the goals continued to be met was absolutely amazing.  This drive forced me to have serious conversations with my boys about giving, about being intentional in your giving and how it is not the money but the impact in which the service has that matters.  We prayed, we gave, and we served.  It was awesome.  As I drove the supplies to the church yesterday morning I became emotional (thats okay, right?).  Looking in the rear view and seeing the supplies overflowing, being concerned that some may fly out, I was reminded of Gods gift to us and the ultimate service that He gave.  This is just a small thing compared to that but to many this is HUGE.  I cannot thank the PAX, your friends, your families, and your supporters for all of the donations and words of encouragement as we went through this.  HUGE T-Claps to all of F3.  This group that was just a means of working out, quickly has become a life changing commitment for me and I love it.  Thank you!





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