A message about Falyn- the little girl we are supporting with the 12 Labors

January 22nd – we began quite a journey.

Falyn had been complaining of headaches for a little over a month. About 3 weeks prior, she started saying that she could see “duplicates” and was closing one eye to see normally. She also said her back was bothering her and was very sleepy. She wasn’t wanting to play and kept laying down whenever she could, very tired and lethargic.

We took her back to the pediatrician and they told us to get an eye exam and additionally referred us to a neurologist. The following day, the 23rd, we went to the eye doctor after school, where they found that her optic nerves were both severely swollen. We were sent straight to the ER. There, they did a CT scan and found excess fluid on her brain, hydrocephalus, which was creating pressure and the headaches. We were admitted to CHOA that night.

The next morning, she had an MRI which confirmed that she had the fluid excess fluid and the cause of the hydrocephalus.  She some abnormalities on her spine and brain. She had an emergency shunt put in, following the MRI, to alleviate the fluid in her brain as the swelling was posing a grave threat. She did amazing thru all of it, better than I could have.  The most difficult part for her during the surgery and hospitalization was being apart from her sisters.

Two days later, she had another surgery to get a biopsy sample from her spine to send off for testing. The recovery for this was difficult as she could only remain on her stomach for 48+ hours with very little movement.

Through it all, she was so gracious, strong, positive, brave, and calm.

We finally received the results after two agonizing weeks and were given the best possible news considering the situation.  Her tumors aren’t considered malignant, though they are extremely rare. They cover the entire thoracic portion of her spine and surround her brain stem and they are inoperable.


We were given a treatment plan to consist of chemotherapy once per week.  Prior to this beginning, she had to have an implantable port device surgically implanted which is a central line to the arteries of her heart.  This was the most painful of the surgical recoveries for her.


So now, once per week Falyn musters up courage and grace to visit the hospital weekly to first have her blood drawn and await the bloodwork to confirm her cell counts are a healthy enough level to receive chemo.  After all, is confirmed, she has her port accessed where the chemo is supplied. She has a divine light inside her that is uplifting, even in the scariest of places, she lets it shine.


So, with all of that said, here is your chance to help out a brave girl who has battled for 8 months.  If she can overcome these hurdles, we can accept this challenge of 12 labors to show strength and courage for her fight.

To sign up: https://f3cherokee.com/12-labors-updated-list-of-fun/

To read the painful thing that I plan to do as we raise more money: https://f3cherokee.com/well-looks-like-its-time-to-up-the-ante/


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