DATE: 08/21/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Ma’ Bell, Wiggam, Molson, Quagmire, Grylls (FNG / aka Cookie?), Back Seat Boy, Romo, Swisher, Smurfette, Katniss, Hombre, TitleMax, Tebow, Garfield, Matchstick, Legionnaire, Good Hands

Total # of PAX: 18



Perusing the exercises a few weeks ago at YHC was searching for a different, full routine to deploy when acting as the QIC, and YHC came upon 40 Minutes of Hell Nolan Richardson style.  Recalling fondly my high school and college basketball days, the opportunity this morning was too good to pass up for all the Paragonians, as I hadn’t posted at this AO in about six months and I don’t believe I’ve ever been a part of this routine during a beat down these past two years or so across Alpha or Cherokee.  Therefore, 40 Minutes of Hell t’was to be, and an honor and pleasure to serve as Q at The Paragon .


Mosey to the practice field behind the tennis courts.

  • 12 Windmills
  • 12 Hillbillies
  • 15 Happy Jacks


A set of six exercises completed in pairs or with partners, with one performing the exercise and the other partner backpedaling across the field, completing 5 Bobby Hurley’s (easily this QIC 2nd favorite college player; yeah, I was that guy even at WFU), and then sprinting to relieve his partner and pick up his count.  Dante had 7 circles of hell, but we only completed six.  The exercises were:

  • 150 Burpees — Circle 1
  • 300 Squats — Circle 2
  • 150 BBSU — Circle 3
  • 300 Sun gods — Circle 4
  • 150 Mercans — Circle 5
  • 300 Imperial Walkers — Circle

Several of the pairs completed the full routine, which was impressive to see, then back to the flag for 20 J-Lo just as the clock expired.


Prayers for Garfield as his family adjusts to its newest member.
Prayer for Pelosi as his mother goes into surgery this week.
Prayer for all our children as they continue to adjust to school beginning and new situations.

Naked-Man Moleskin:
YHC dare says that in hindsight, our FNG Grylls has too cool of a nickname.  And less we forget, he attempted to name himself during the name-orama (Cookie!  Yes, Cookie! he called himself).  Also mentioned the Witch (Hombre’s new running beatdown at Milton Park, staking our claim to north Fulton county, oh yeah) and a pending intensity beatdown for East Cherokee.

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