DATE: 08/21/2018

WHERE: The Cheetah

THE PAX: Kiffin, Cuban, Papa John, Chitwood, AC, Wheelin & Dealin, Ooops, Ricky Bobby and 2 FNG’s. (GMO and Clunker)

Total # of PAX: 10

QIC: Ricky Bobby


YHC struggled to awaken today, but after about the 4th alarm went off, his M pushed him out of the bed.  I arrived at the gloom to find a few good men already circling up ready to embrace the suck and rid some sweat. We talked a bit about our struggles to get up in the AM and how that is the hardest part….getting out of the fartsack.     We had two FNG’s stroll in this AM and YHC was getting amped about fresh blood in the gloom. So….we mosy’ed!


We covered the basics and the important stuff of F3.  What we stand for, who we are, what we do, and that of course…you can modify if needed.

  • SSH – IC – x20
  • Windmill – IC – 11
  • SunGods – OYO
  • Weedpicker – IC – 10


PAX did a little mosy’ing back over to the parking lot.  We circled up and YHC explained the workout.  As our AO’s continue to grow, we need to grow our HIM’s into good Q’s and prep them for their VQ’s.  The workout today started with a little mix of a Circle of Mary and 4 Corners.

PAX circled up and one by one each man lead the group in their favorite mary to their count and cadence. After the 4th man, we ran to the first corner to start 4 corners, running from corner to corner always facing in the same direction.  Each corner changed exercise and increased reps by 10.

  • Corner 1 = 10 Burpees
  • Corner 2 = 20 Merkins
  • Corner 3 = 30 LBC’s
  • Corner 4 = 40 Squats

After each round of corners the PAX would circle up and we would pick up where we left off with leading in mary.  We did this 1.5 times around the circle, before we changed it up.

Teachers start rolling in just before 7am so YHC moved the PAX to the basketball courts for a some upper body pain.  One of YHC’s favorite love/hate relationships with Jack Webbs.  After grunting through those and a quick 10 count, we still had little time left.  Pax mosy’ed to the parking lot again for some last minute lunges.  Pax lined up and lunge walked halfway across the parking lot, then to make things awkward, we reverse lunge walked back.  Finishing just in time for the 6:15 cut-off.


With 2 FNG’s YHC was excited to jump into the name game.  But….quickly found out that none of us were on our game today.  We struggled to pull out the names quickly but in the end we came up with some gems.

A pastor by day, used car salesman by night coined the name Clunker & a Organic gardener/cook sprouted the name GMO.  It was only fitting.

Some spoke of major personal change in their life and some spoke of family members struggling with illness.  We prayed for all these and more.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After a night of beating myself up, I shared with the men in the circle.  Our children need us, they WANT us.  It is very easy to let the things of the world get in the way.  Yard work, house work, work work, phones, social media, and events.  We have to be intentional about spending QUALITY time with our kids.  Last night I failed at this.  My boys wanted to play so badly with me, but I had major yard work I wanted to get done.  The night ended badly cause both I and the boys were frustrated with one another. I tore myself up thinking how I could have done better by my boys.  We only have so little time with our children.  We have to make the best, make memories and be intentional.  Ooops shared with the group that he was faced with a life changing event with his son.  That event threw his family into a different outlook.  They began creating memories together.   Awesome reminder.

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