DATE: 06/25/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Woody, Harp, Bloodhound

Total # of PAX: 4

QIC: Babyface



YHC really wanted to be at the Kodiak beatdown this morning to honor our boy Hombre for reaching his respect milestone, but with great AOs come great responsibility (or something to that effect).  So as the Q for the hurt locker, it was my responsibility to be there instead. It was a good thing I was, because 3 other HIMs gathered themselves out of the Fartsack to join me in the gloom, and had I not been there, well I would be the proud owner of a FUBAR flag and be no better than Lawdog.


So when the time struck 5:30 and Woody was hoping out of the car, we moseyed our way over to the rock pile to collect some coupons for the days events.  Woody was clearly feeling strong because he got a very Cricket-like rock. We took our new friends over to the lit part of the parking lot and dropped them down for some IC exercising that included a various amount of SSH, Weed Pickers, and Imperial Walkers.  Then onto


With our rocks we performed 10 each of press, squat, curls, and skull crushers.  After the 10 we took a lap around the small parking loop, then waited for the 6 in air chair.  Round 2 we went up by 10 (so 20 of each exercise) then took a lap around the next largest parking loop.  We continued this pattern 2 more time going up by 10 each round. When we were done, YHC came to the realization that we could not stop at 40 reps of Hombre’s 50th birthday, even if he wasn’t present.  So we did a round of 50 reps and took a lap the large outer loop of parking. When the 6 came in we moseyed to the playground with our rocks and made our way to the odd pull-up contraption.

While 1 PAX did 10 pullups, the other 3 lay on their back with the rock pressed straight up.  When done with the 10 he tagged in the next pax and took his rock. We continued this 3 full rotations of each man, giving us a chance to get 30 pull ups for the day.  Because holding the rocks out was not sufficiently painful we added in some 6 inches, flutter kicks (of course) over head rock touches and some other fun stuff just to make it interesting.


Redeposit the rocks then back to the flag for a little Mary of American hammers and flutter kicks, and topped off with some ABC’s spelling Happy Birthday.


  • Prayers for Gecko (I added a “c” in there because apparently that’s how you spell it) as he is away at camp, and all the other 2.0s going to and from camps and vacations
  • Prayers for Woody’s son who had a rough night last night and his M who is taking care of him

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • TClaps to Hombre, you are a heck of a man, and I am proud to share the gloom with you.

  • Cooler Ruck this Saturday starting at 6pm.  Contact @bloodhound_f3 on Twitter if interested.

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