DATE: 06/09/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: Boci, Lil orange tigy, Handy Helper, Tiny Dancer, Roo, Drama Queen, Arial, Batman, Trex, Doodlebug, Minion, Mad Max

Total # of PAX: 12

QIC: Babyface & T-Rex

12 Strong 2.0s came out this morning for our first summer 2.0 mini beatdown.  Nothing like seeing happy smiling faces after doing an Indian run for an hour to get your day back on track.


Bandaid Tag

(5 minutes)

Anyone can tag anyone.  Once a person is tagged, he/she must put one hand on the spot they were tagged. Tagged a 2nd time, use the other hand to cover the spot.  Tagged a 3rd time you have to go to the “Hospital” and do 10 SSH before rejoining the game.

Circle Up for IC exercises led by T-Rex:

SSH – 8

Squats – 8

Weed pickers – 8


Break up into 2 lines and line up single file.  Everyone get a little space in between each other in line and get on your hands and knees.  Last person in line will get up and leap frog to the front of the line. Once the leaper is a couple people past  the next person will get up and start. You will continue this until your reach the other side of the field. 1st team to make it to the other side wins.  Losing team does 10 SSH.

6’s at the hill

Bear crawl up the small hill. At the top of the hill 5 burpees were preformed, then run back down the hill and do 1 lunge (Kodiak count, so Per leg).  We stayed together as a group and continued through our 6’s

Animal chaos – Thought up by T-Rex

Split into 2 teams. One team will be the animals and will do animal movements, you have to stay that animal, no switching species.  If you start as a duck, you stay a duck. The other team are the humans (hunters) that are trying to capture the animals. Animals try to make it to the other side of the field. If they make it to the other side they are safe, if they are tagged they are out. Once all the animals are either tagged or at the other side the game ends and the teams switch.


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