DATE: 07/02/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Spanx, Hooch, MarkyMark, Westside, WildThing, Earmuffs, Sgt. Slaughter, WhoDat, FauxHawk, Satellite, HuckleBerry, Wiggam, Manning, HomeBoy, TinyTat, Barney, Chapstick, Wham-O, Berman, Palin, Nomad, Pulte

Total # of PAX: 22

QIC: Pulte


Just one week removed from my attempt at a 0.0 style beat down I decided to throw a little running in the plan for this morning.   I also knew that, with the constant bickering (Bromance) between Manning and HomeBoy, I was going to need to break-up the band a little bit.

So, I planned out a beat down that would hopefully encourage a good sweat and get our hearts beating a little bit.


Precisely at 5:30 we started our mosey…all the way to the middle of the amphitheater.  This was, in all appearances, the exact same start as my beat down last week. We even started with the same exercises…

15 – SSH

15 – Weed Pickers

This is where things went off the rails just a bit…

Pax circled up for the second phase of the “warm up”.  Just FYI for all who Q…22 man circles are rather large.

Once circled, all Pax assumed the PLANK position.  While one member completed 10 Merkins (counting aloud and proud for all the hear) the rest of the Pax held plank.  We did this until all Pax had completed their 10 Merkins.

Next, we stayed in the circle and all Pax assumed a LOW SQUAT position.  While one member completed 15 Monkey Humpers the rest of the Pax held in this Low Squat.  Again, holding until all Pax had completed their Monkey Humpers.

As a side note, seeing grown men grab their ankles and “hump” up and down is absolutely comedic gold!


Well, with the “warm up” done the Pax lined up for a nice peaceful Indian Run to our next stopping point.  Nomad suggested that we divide the Pax into 2 groups to make the run more manageable…YHC didn’t listen.  Though in hind sight this would have been a great idea (apologies Nomad!).

During our Indian run we made a nice long lap around downtown Woodstock.  Taking in sights such as Pure, Canyon Burger, J.Christopher, Century House Tavern, and even made it as far down as Firestone Woodfired Pizza.

After ensuring that all Pax had the opportunity to enjoy the 22 person sprint we paused for a brief explanation of the next exercises.

4 Corners

Our 4 corners were spread across the same loop we had just completed on our Indian Run.

1- 10 Burpees

Sprint to corner 2

2 – 20 Big Boy sit-ups

Walk to corner 3

3 – 30 Plank Jacks

Sprint to corner 4

4 – 40 Squats

Rinse and repeat for a total of 2 cycles.


Pax took it upon themselves to Mary until the 6 was in.

The final leg of our journey would see us complete a second Indian Run.  However, this time instead of simply sprinting from the back of the line to the front, each Pax would sprint from their spot in line, completing a full 360 degree circle around the entire 22 man line.  So, for example, the last man would run to the front of the line and then loop back to his original starting position.   Again, had I listened to Nomad this might have been a little more manageable.   As it was, towards the end of the run our line began to split and break apart.  In an effort to slow our momentum and allow the 6 to catch up someone (who will remain nameless) suggested that the lead group of runners bear crawl until the 6 was in and I was happy to oblige.

Once our group was a group once more we made our way back to the amphitheater making sure to hit all the stairs on the way back.

We made it back to the flag with 2 minutes to spare and completed a set of flutter kicks and Bobby Hurley’s for good measure.


Reminder that all AO’s are converging on Sequoyah Park  this Wednesday for the IndepenDANCE Party.  Mark your calendars as LawDog is sure to deliver a great beat down (as long as he shows up…)

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